forrest hills wedding photographer
Oh my goodness!! You are amazing!
These are truly the most beautiful pictures I’ve ever seen! Thank you so so much!
I cannot wait to see the rest of this is only the beginning!!
— Fay and Aaron xx

It was such an overwhelming fun and emotional day that you captured brilliantly, thank you Sarah. You made us legendary moviestars for a day.
— Fabian
Loved the results and I usually hate having my photo taken - I didn’t even notice you were there
— Hannah

Thank you so much for being there with us, we really appreciate it and these are amazing!!!! Thank you
— Meghan

Thank you for the pictures they are beautiful, we love them. Everyone has commented how fantastic they are and how they capture the day so well.
I just love the one of Indya under my veil.
— Louise

Love these. I just couldn’t stop smiling x
Thank you x
— Zoe
These are incredible Sarah, thank you!
— Greg